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Frequently asked questions

Translations are made exclusively by native speakers of the target language
Our specialists work with any topic. The list of the main ones can be found in the "Available Topics" section.
Everything is very individual and directly depends on the complexity of the task. For example, a text of 10,000 characters can be translated from Russian to English within a day in most cases.
We offer 3 ways to do that:
1. Request examples of our translations into the specified language (or multiple languages)
2. Request a ”trial" micro-translation of up to 500 characters.
3. Arrange for an independent proofread by a third party.
There are the following stages in the process:
1. Approval of the technical requirements: type of service, languages of translation, volume,
deadline, layout, other technical requirements, and cost (sometimes - deposit payment as well).
2. Translation execution and its delivery to the customer.
3. Possible alterations according to the customer's wishes. Final delivery of the order.
4. Final settlement (in some cases)
Yes, of course. Our team works very flexibly and loyally, we value our customers, so we have developed a system for encouraging them. For more information, contact our support service.
If you can't find the language you need in the price list, don't be upset. We will find for you a specialist and fulfill your order.
Of course! Personally, we will select a native speaker who lives in the region you need and is fluent in the given dialect.
We work 24 hours and seven days a week. Our support team will respond to you at any time.
Proofreading is mandatory, no exceptions! Any content translated by the agency passes proofreading, which is performed by an editor that is a native speaker of the specified language.
Yes, corrections are possible and welcomed if there are substantive suggestions and comments from the customer. Native speakers are not robots and are also made of flesh, but we strive for absolute perfection and constantly work to improve our professional abilities.
According to statistics, it happens only in 4% of cases and only under the influence of force majeure.
Unfortunately, we do not have this option. But we can easily tell you who will help you!
No, unfortunately, it is not. In this case, we offer a “Copywriting" service, which includes creating content with its subsequent translation into the selected language. According to this mechanism, you get a great opportunity to get acquainted with the content in your native language and then send it for translation. For more information, contact support.
The order must be more than 2000 characters in total or require translation into more than 10 languages
We calculate the order cost for free! To do this, it is enough to correctly relay the task and demonstrate the text source to be translated, specifying the type of service.
Translation is possible from any language, since English is the transit language in most cases.