Affiliate program


Alex Group translation Agency offers you mutually beneficial cooperation. You will receive a commission for every customer who came to us based on your recommendation. For the first five orders, the commission will be 15%, and after that - 10%.

How does it work?

You receive an individual promo code from us and give us your payment data. Whatever you prefer: card, Qiwi, Yandex, WMZ, BTC, ETH, XPR, etc.
Tell your friends, partners, or clients about us.
You get a commission on orders from each customer who used your promo code.
Commissions are accrued within 24 hours after the customer pays for the order.
This is not a one-time deal - you will receive a commission on all orders of this customer for three years.
Work with every partner is recorded cleanly and transparently, in a separate exl document that the partner will have access to.
This document will contain all the information about working with customers attracted by the partner, all financial statements and the total balance of the partner account.
Funds that are on the partner account balance can be withdrawn at any convenient time using any payment method that is suitable for you.

Who gets the most
benefit from our services?

Advertising and marketing companies


Fintech startups

Cryptocurrency startups

Educational centers

Industrial enterprises

Any other companies and people
in contact with foreign countries.

What is the best
way to attract customers?

here is no need to shout about Alex Group on every corner.
Unobtrusive recommendations and accurate advice are the most effective tools.
And the most promising communication channels are:

Telegram chats
Social networks
Personal contacts

How much can
I earn with Alex Group?

We give you a unique opportunity to earn money without working!

The amount of income depends on both the partner's activity and the volume of orders made by attracted customers. On average, one order brings from 10 to 50 dollars in commission.

However, if we are talking about a large order (for example, localization of a site with a large volume of content), then $300 commission is not an exception. And if the client you attract contacts Alex Group regularly, you will get a stable source of income.

Contact us if you
have any questions

The average response time is
5 minutes
The average response time is
1 hour
The average response time is
1 hour